Last Flowers and Fall Prep

We have been having the warmest fall I can remember having in years. Many times in Octobers past, we have had a hard frost and everything is dead by this point in the season. Not this year! There are several flowers blooming and I have been putting in some bulbs to ensure we have some early spring blooms to go along with all the perennials I planted. I put in one clump of tulips to see if they survive the squirrels, as well as three kinds of narcissus and some allium. I look forward to spring next year as there will be so much more that just the bark mulch of last spring!

We have had more birds in the bath recently and I enjoy watching them splash around, ending up looking thoroughly disheveled. I

Some tulip bulbs going in!

We have also been doing some projects over the last few weeks. We sanded the deck back to bare wood and stained it with Behr penetrating oil stain, so we will only have to recoat it instead of sanding it back to wood every time it gets weathered. I also stained the fence and restored the rusted window grates, so things are looking fresher and more able to withstand the snow that will eventually arrive.

What fall projects have you been up to?

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