Les Moulins la Fayette

As we have appointments in various areas of the city, we try to grab a little treat (for research purposes) if there is something nearby. This location of Les Moulins la Fayette on Blackfoot Trail SE in Calgary is a mere two minutes from my ENT. I’m looking forward to my next check up haha.

I ordered an almond croissant, which is my favourite pastry. I am on a quest for the city’s best version of one. Everyone needs an occasional quest to keep life interesting. 😍

The café itself is spacious with a high ceiling and a wall-size image of the Eiffel Tower and lots of little tables for cozy conversation. Our visit was a pay and dash however, and my treat was enjoyed in the garden at home with a large cuppa. 🫖

The pastry itself was very well made and delicious. The usual almond paste filling inside was absent however. Instead, they had sliced it open and spread it with pastry cream. It was good to be sure, but it cannot place first in the Almond Croissant Quest without a marzipan center. To be continued…!

If any of you have a “best almond croissant” location to try, leave me a comment please!

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