New Fall Garden

My September garden looks very different this year for a good reason – we moved! I have been assured by our neighbours that deer are not a problem here, which is a great relief. The garden has a number of mature trees that have been showing off their autumnal colours this week. We have had a glorious, warm September here with no hard frosts, huge winds or massive downpours. Such a gift when moving houses and exploring a new garden.

My mind is whirling with possibilities for spring planting, but I thought I’d wait this year to see what the garden reveals when spring comes around. I am thinking narcissus in the ground, and tulips in pots up the stairs.

I’d like to start a new perennial garden on the slope by the potting shed, and maybe a raised vegetable garden over some of the lawn further up the yard.

Next year, I will be back in the apple jelly mode.

Being used to a sea of yellow leaves, I love the reds, oranges and purples here.

I love all the colours of leaves here. Makes sweeping more interesting… 🙂

This little guy is a good reminder to me not to rush into changing things, but to let the place “grow on me” for a while before making decisions.

Since I had to dump most of my potted flowers from the old place, these asters were a welcome addition. I couldn’t make myself dump the plants below though and they made it here with my houseplants.

That’s the little tour. If you have garden suggestions for next year, drop them in a comment!

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