COVID Projects

Hi everyone,

I haven’t blogged since Easter, but the time went quickly for me.  I’ve been working on multiple video editing projects and I haven’t had the desire to sit at the computer for fun as well, so the blog has been untouched.

I have been spurred on to finishing little projects around the house that I have been putting off, and a couple projects for fun, since we are getting out much less often since the pandemic hit. Here is a wee update:

As April was birthday month for my husband and I and we didn’t get out for Easter bunnies, he ordered a pile of candy online, and I made it into a concession shelf for the tv room so we wouldn’t eat it too quickly, haha. I added a coloured lighting strip as well, so we can change the colours to match the program. Well, we make our own fun…  I put up a few movie posters, and viola, somewhere “new” to sit and enjoy “Doc Martin” and “Vintage Roads, Great and Small”, which are our current picks to watch.

The next project was the library room. We also went through our bookshelves and parted with several things that we will not read again and don’t need to hold on to.  Don’t worry, we still have scads of books we love on the shelves.  Gave us room to put out some favourite  bits and pieces on the shelves.

We put in a bit of drip irrigation tubing for the perennials, but haven’t had to use it because it has been raining regularly.   I want to put in a few more plants, test the setup, then cover the tubing with mulch.

I sewed a runner for the coffee table with some scrap material.

Then repainted the part of the door that had to be planed down to close again….which led to painting the rest of the doors as well.  You know how that goes…

We took everything off the shelves in the garage, removed a couple shelves to better fit our taller things, cleaned it and organized it better. This has spurred my husband onto a whole pile of little maintenance jobs (wooo!).  He likes the space so much now that has also put his favourite lawn chair in there to use while having a beer after mowing the lawn. Or maybe we’ve been in self-isolation so long he just enjoys his own space for a few minutes’ peace 😉

I also re-organized the furnace room/storage room, and I sewed new pillow slips for the outdoor cushions. So…! Plenty to be getting on with. Next blog, we’ll visit the garden.

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  1. I love the strip lighting!! Your runner and shelves all look fantastic. You’ll be glad of the drip line soon I’m sure. All fabulous projects 🎉👏👏👏🙌😄

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