Container Vegetable Garden

I thought I’d share some of the vegetables I am growing in containers this year in an attempt to foil the wildlife and golfers (yes you read that right) in their efforts to rob me of my produce.

I am really pleased with my lettuce as this one pot has been providing for us all summer.  I just cut some and by the time I come for more, it has grown more to cut.  Just be careful not to cut all the leaves from a single plant.

My tomatoes are starting to set fruit. It took the bees a long time to find the flowers up on the deck, but they got there in the end.

My pickling cucumbers are going full steam even though the hail damaged some of the leaves.

The zucchini are blooming and setting fruit as well. I’m growing these in the barrel by the fence as zucchini is not something people tend to help themselves to.

I love the look of the flowers on zucchini – they just look happy 🙂

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