Memorial Traditions

Since the death of my parents they are often in my thoughts, and my experiences with them are interwoven in most things I do, but I still feel the desire to celebrate them in some more tangible way every year on their birthdays. Some people like to memorialize the date of a loved one’s passing but I find more joy in doing some small thing on their birthday that reminds me of something they loved. In memory of  my mom’s birthday I get the biggest poinsettia I can find. She loved poinsettias, and having one around makes Christmas seem more normal whether she is here or not.

My dad never really liked birthdays with the grand exception of birthday cake. He was not a fan of gift giving or parties but he always said you shouldn’t pass up a good excuse to eat cake! I don’t make a birthday cake, (that would seem weird and lonely) but every year I do eat cake on his birthday. Cheers, Dad.

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