Cookie Day 2017

My friend and I had our annual cookie baking day last week where we make and freeze Christmas cookies for ourselves, our extended families, friends, pot lucks, whatever is required…we are ready!  The photos included here are of my portion of the day’s work. We always make Jewish Pastry (3 double batches) and another 4-6 types. The Jewish Pastry takes us about 4 hours to finish, and then we make less labour-intensive things. This year we made 3 kinds of biscotti: cranberry white chocolate, double chocolate and a new one – eggnog.  We also made thumbprint cookies, pecan pie cookies and cheese krispies. Some I have blogged when we made them previously, so you can just click the link if you want to try making them. Others are yet to come in the posts leading up to Christmas. Stay tuned!


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