Holiday Kick Off – Lethbridge

This year for our summer vacation, we decided to travel south-east instead of west to the mountains. Given the parks are free this year for Canada’s 150th birthday (so the mountain parks will be extra busy), and all the fires in British Columbia, going the opposite direction seemed a good idea. We used Lethbridge as our launching point, so today’s blog will be a couple highlights from there. Later in the week we’ll tour Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, The Great Sandhills, and Grasslands National Park.

The High Level Bridge
I love the look of this bridge! I lived in view of it for five years and took the opportunity to photograph it when we passed through Lethbridge last week. The photos were taken in Indian Battle Park and from the university.

Caught a train going over it!

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
Nikka Yuko was my introduction to the world of Japanese gardens. I have seen a number of them since that first visit, and though this is a small one, it amazes me that the gardeners can use native trees to create the same shapes in this semi arid climate as is done with the lush trees that grow in more temperate zones. It is a peaceful little oasis beside Henderson Lake.

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