New Cooks Series 4 – Chicken Pan Fry

It is Monday, so here we go with the New Cooks Series. This week’s tip for getting supper on your table in a hurry is to make it all in one pan. I had leftover boiled potatoes from the night before, so just reheated them in a bit of oil, making them nice and crisp – 7 minutes in the pan.

I slid those into a bowl and then browned chicken strips (sprinkled with smoked garlic seasoning) in the same pan.

Once both sides were brown, I turned down the heat, added peppers and broccoli, covering the pan with a lid to let the chicken finish cooking and let the vegetables steam. Another 7-8 minutes. Pour the chicken and veg over the potatoes, and there is a nice meal in about 15 minutes. You could just as easily replace the potatoes with a pot of rice and keep the time to 15 minutes. No recipe. Just fast, fresh, easy.

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