Earth Gems

I went to rock-hound-heaven last month: a store called Earth Gems. It is tucked away in an basement shop on 17th Avenue in Calgary. I find it rather poetic that you go underground to find rocks… If you like rocks, this shop is for you!! There were more kinds of stones than I could possible take in in one visit. Thanks, AW, for a great morning out.

I love smooth rocks, and egg-shaped ones too. Starting with the purple and green one and moving clock-wise, there are: rainbow fluorite, black sardonyx, dalmatian jasper, agate, and picture jasper.

I also picked up two drilled pieces of angelite to make earrings to complete a set.

I have findings, pliers and round nosed pliers from my days of hosting birthday parties for the girls over the years.

Insert a pin in each of the holes.

Clip it to a suitable length.

Use the round nosed plier to make a loop with the pin and attach it to the earring hook.


The perfect colour for summer outfits.

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