Crocus Focus

We don’t expect spring to arrive in our part of the world for another two months, but I enjoy having forced bulbs in the house while it is still white outdoors. Because we are in a new house this year, I wasn’t sure where to keep the pots for the chilling period, but my husband made the choice easy by turning on a heater in the garage that kept the temperature just above freezing. Perfect for blooms!!! (Also, a good scheme to ensure his beer fridge is kept free from invading plants). It worked so well that next year I’ll have a lot more pots again! Haha. He doesn’t know what he has unleashed 😉

Here are my directions for forcing bulbs/corms. The photos below are of a pot of crocuses that I had chilled for 3 months and then brought into the warm house. I covered the soil with a dish towel and watered it every month. Patience in this area pays off quickly once they are brought indoors.

Feb 11 – I brought them into the mudroom where there is low light and let them acclimatize for two days.

Feb 16 – Already greening up and starting to open

Feb 18 – already several flowers! I had to move the pot to the countertop as the cat thought they might be good for gnawing on…. Sigh…

Feb 20

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