Brandy Snaps

This week, my older daughter and I tried out Mary Berry’s recipe for Brandy Snaps. They were a big hit! It is a good recipe, and because reprinting it would breech copyright, I have only linked to it above, but I thought I would add some photos to illustrate the procedure. A picture is worth a thousand words and all.


This is the melted butter, sugar and golden syrup.


Having added the flour, ginger and lemon juice, drop by tablespoon onto a non-stick baking mat, taking care to space them. Mary recommends making only 4 at once, but I think I could manage 6.


This is the crispy, lace-like cookie just out of the oven.


Let it cool 2-3 minutes so you can lift it by spatula without it tearing (or burning your fingers).


Roll it around the greased handle of a wooden spoon, squeeze to fasten the edge and let cool on a rack.



Let them cool and crisp up.


Fill with whipped cream flavoured with brandy instead of vanilla. I squeezed a bit too hard with this one and the cream shot through the holes in the cookie.


Ready to eat!

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