Cheese Board


I like to have a nice cheese board to tuck into over the holidays. I like to have bread, crackers, 3-4 kinds of cheese and some chutneys or jellies to go with them. One of the cheeses I love to get at Christmas is Moroccan Spice. It has loads of flavour and some heat, but mostly just warm flavours. With that, a nice mild or medium Gouda, a Cheddar (smoked or not), and for the last bites, a White Stilton with Mango and Ginger that crumbles into salty, sweet, delicious bites. I don’t really know why, of all the sorts of cheese we eat, that these are our favourites at Christmas, but the family “mice” start making squeaks as to whether I have been to the cheese shop/need to go to the cheese shop/want to be driven to the cheese shop around mid-December. It is a Christmas/Boxing Day tradition that we look forward to each year.

If you have favourite “Christmas Cheeses”, drop me a line in the comment section. I’d love to hear about your selections.



  1. I love your choices especially anything smoked. In fact I was just gnawing on some fabulous smoked olives – I’d add them to your cheese board. Plus some St. Agur blue, some caramel-tasting aged Gouda, and my new favourite Cabra Romero – a Spanish goat cheese with a rosemary rind. Mmm! Packed with salty herby flavour. Hmm, I’d add a glass of Joie Rosé wine too. But most importantly and deliciously of all, your Bacon Jam! Oh boy!😋

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