Day Four: Mother of All Chocolate Recipes – Truffles


The fourth item that can be made from the Mother of All Chocolate Recipes is chocolate truffles. I suggest making an alteration to the basic Hot Fudge Sauce recipe by cutting the amount of cream in half for this variation. When we make truffles at Christmas, we divide the thicker hot fudge sauce into 3 or 4 bowls and add different liqueurs to each of them. We roll them in different things so we can tell them apart (cocoa, ground almonds, sprinkles etc.).

You can also use leftover original recipe hot fudge sauce to make truffles, but it needs to be fortified with some extra shaved chocolate, so that the truffles will be firm enough. I can't give you an amount as I don’t know how much you will have left over. You want the refrigerated chocolate sauce to hold together when you roll it into a ball.


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