Millarville Farmers’ Market


We went to the Farmers’ Market at the Millarville Race Track last weekend and came home with these treasures.



The market has lots of fruit and vegetable vendors from British Columbia and eastern Alberta, and many local meats, preserves, and crafts.  The new potatoes were good!!  There is nothing like a new potato. The carrots and peas were good too, but I still think the ones we grow in our garden taste better. We take advantage of the markets though, as the things grown in BC are ready a lot sooner than our produce. Right now we are just getting rhubarb, spinach and lettuce, but in the next week or two, our own potatoes should be ready, with peas, raspberries and saskatoons not far behind.

Here are some other shots from the market.


Beef jerky made in Longview, Alberta.


Elk and Bison


We were sad to discover the pancake and sausage breakfasts from the canteen are a thing of the past. Food trucks have taken over, which I imagine are good, but poutine at 9:30 in the morning was something I couldn’t get my head around.


The racetrack.

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