The Best of Space

My family and I watched Jupiter Ascending on the weekend. We were not overly impressed, but it led us to a discussion of the best space movies we have seen. We came up with a decent-sized list, to which my daughter added video games and music. She suggested it would make a good blog topic, as we all enjoy them. Since she had so many thoughts on the matter, I offered her the chance to do a guest blog on Everyday Cheer. To my surprise, she accepted the challenge and her blog is below. Thanks, Laura.

Public domain NASA image supplied by the NSSDC.

Why Space?

Space has a feeling of freedom. It’s part of the unknown, and each year we are closer to discovering the secrets of the universe. Our perspective of the universe and how it runs is primitive in comparison to the number of things that exist, and this unknown holds a certain allure. We are such a small part of our galaxy, and our galaxy is tiny compared to the many galaxies out there, and the interpretations of what could be far away from here are fascinating. From an artistic standpoint, space is terrifyingly and majestically beautiful. It is so vast, and the colors and formations of the nebulas, planets, suns and moons are cool. Aside from that, stories and ideas from the imagination of all that could be have a special spark to them, making wonderful movies.

Movies/TV shows that we think are good
All of these movies/TV shows have excellent soundtracks and storylines. (not in any particular order)

2001- A Space Odyssey
All the Star Wars (Including the animated Tv shows)
All the Star Trek (including Tv Shows)
Guardians of the Galaxy
Apollo 13
Battlestar Galactica (All of the series old and new)
Mission to Mars
Thor/ Thor 2
Treasure Planet
Alien (all of them)
Predators (all of them)

Video Games
Mass Effect Series (This one in particular is glorious and beautiful)
Galaxy Trekker (Board Game)
FTL (Faster than light)
Starbound (in progress game that is really turning out to be a great game)
Stark Trek (2013 game)

Here is a link to a playlist on snacktools of some of my favourite music with a space theme: You can scroll through the songs, or just let the list play.
Space Music Collection

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  1. Great list. I’d add Moon with Adam Rockwell (the theme music is eerie good too) and the original Planet of the Apes. And Mars Attacks hahahaha! Yep, for me the original Star Trek started it all. And a TV show called UFO that was on when I was in about grade 4 or so. And Thunderbirds! They had a cool space station!! Swell topic.😄

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