The Mango Tree


We have a penchant for Indian restaurants and this one in Brooks, Alberta was a nice find. Apart from the adorable little tea-light-heated serving bowls, the food was delicious. We ordered different levels of spice to keep us all happy. The hot version of Beef Vindaloo was hot enough to make my husband sweat, so he and my elder daughter were happy. We ordered the coconut chicken mild and it was still very flavourful and pleasant. My younger daughter was wild about the mango milk shake, and I really liked the mango rice pudding. I mean LOOK at it. Beautiful. The gulab jamun were perfectly flavoured with rose water, and the server was very helpful with explaining portions etc. as an order of naan can vary in amount between restaurants. Here is a link to their facebook page.

Clockwise from the large dish at the bottom: butter chicken; aloo gobi, beef vindaloo, coconut chicken

vegetable pakoras and mango milkshake


gulab jamun

mango rice pudding


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