Decorating the Gingerbread

gingerbread18Decorating gingerbread is a family tradition that my daughters and I have kept since they could first hold a bag of icing. It is about our quirks, whims, creativity and spending time together. I am so glad that my older daughter still comes home for this occasion! Here are some of our creations.



A new cutter for us this year that worked fantastically. It cuts, then stamps, then ejects the dough to the cookie sheet. This was my husband’s contribution to Project Gingerbread. He knows this stuff floats our boat.

Royal Icing at Station Decoration

gingerbread17 …and they’re off!

gingerbread7 Our cookies range from the sparkly (thanks to petal dust meant for icing)

gingerbread8…to the festive…

gingerbread4.. to whimsical dwarves (a nod to the Hobbit movie) My younger daughter likes to give the “men” a theme each year.

gingerbread9 Time to sample 🙂


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