I Love My Lists

Some people are list-makers, and others are not. I love my lists. Lists are how I get things done generally in life, at work and especially in the holiday season.

For Christmas I have lists that I have maintained over multiple years. These include presents given, menus and guests, baking projects, and decorating/cleaning with “no later than” completion dates. I make another column beside last year’s list and make new checkmarks for this year, plus any additions. This is how I function. My friends tell me I am organized. I disagree. I make lists because I am not organized and I hate being in a flap. I am a natural relaxer. Lists help me do the things I want to get done, and without having to hold the “clutter” in my brain. Also, seeing things on paper helps me see patterns that will simplify things – improve the order of operations.


Since I misplace bits of paper, I like to keep my lists in books ( last year I was given a nice calendar journal that I have filled with lists instead of appointments. I also like to have a few colours of fine-point gel pens to write with. Certain lists should just be green. 😉 I have always been this way.

I love looking back on what I have done before. It takes the pressure off of me to “think of something” and that freedom often inspires new ideas. Sometimes looking back makes me laugh, like my Star Trek inspired comment scrawled on the menu beside Roasted Brussels Spouts one year: “Dead, Jim.”

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