Chai Supply


My husband bought this spice tin for me a few years ago. I keep my chai/mulling spices in it. It is a little jolt of pleasure each time I open it, as I see all the beautiful shapes and colours, and am enveloped in a cloud of fragrance. So nice.

I chai supply2

chai supply

I often make chai at home, steeping the spices in hot water, adding my tea, steeping, and then adding my milk and possibly a bit of sugar. Each time it can be a different mix, but one of my favourites is using quite a few fennel seeds, 5 or more green cardamom pods, and a couple whole cloves and black peppercorns. No need to measure – just try things and see what you feel like that day. This version is quite different than the “Starbucks type” flavour (which I also love) because it is mild and fennel is the top note. It is a nice drink to have before bed.



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