White Chocolate with Gingersnaps

wh ch2

When my younger daughter was in France this year, she found a Belgian chocolate bar that she loved AND could eat. Galak Speculoos. White chocolate with chunks of Dutch Speculoos. As someone who cannot eat regular brown chocolate, she was thrilled that this packed a lot of flavour. I tried to find this bar in European grocers around Calgary, but was unable to locate it. So…I decided to make something similar. At Christmas I will buy a couple bags of Speculoos for future use, but for this batch I used gingerbread cookies. They turned out to be quite fine.

I just melted three Lindt white chocolate bars, removed the pot from the heat and stirred in the cookies that had been broken into smallish bits. I wanted the pieces big enough to be identifiable. I used chocolate forms for half of the batch and a sheet tray to make bark for the rest. I forgot to bang the air bubbles out of the forms, but they turned out pretty well otherwise. My daughter liked the forms best…more like getting a bar of choclate.

wh ch



wh ch3

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  1. These look so good! I’ll have to check the two Dutch stores to see if they have Speculoos. I figure I could use the silicone madeleine pans – would look nice I think. Yum!

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