suc3I recently bought these little beauties and I am very chuffed to have them. According to the Free Dictionary Online, “succulent” has three meanings:

1. Full of juice or sap; juicy.
2. Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems.
3. Highly interesting or enjoyable; delectable


I got rid of my beautiful fern because the cats kept attacking it (swish-y fronds moving in air currents provide endless targets for attack, and apparently, the dried up ones are good for eating and making kitty vomit). Lovely… So, with my kitchen herbs outside for the summer, I decided I would try something different indoors, and bought some succulents. Hopefully the cats do not find them to be “interesting or delectable”. I think they are adorable, but I hope the cats find them to be as “boring” as my orchid. I have enjoyed growing a variety of succulents outdoors over the years, and had a jade plant for a long time, but these “babies” are a new adventure.suc

I have seen some beautiful arrangements on pinterest like the one below, but the practical side of me asks what will happen when they grow? There is no room for them. Has anyone done something like this? How long before you need to re-pot into something larger?


  1. Hey, they’re beautiful, Deb! How cheery to see them in your kitchen there so often every day. I love the frame idea but I don’t have any idea about how long you could keep it. Don’t thing you can prune/bonsai them quite the same way as bushes. But, if anyone can make them thrive or figure out a way, it’s you! xox E

    Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 13:23:32 +0000 To:


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