La Boulangerie

La Boulangerie produces beautiful French pastries and is the current holder of my favourite of the French style almond croissant in Calgary. The pastry is incredibly flaky, crispy and light. The almond filling is a pocket in the center that has a good flavour and is not too sweet. I would like slightly more of it, or an end-to-end distribution, but otherwise it was excellent. I have to mention that we visited this bakery twice as they were sold out of almond croissant on our first visit. The quality of the choices below were what made us want to return. Besides, Saturday pastry breakfast in the garden is not such a terrible way to enjoy a summer morning.

I have to mention that their pain au chocolate is very good. Lots of dark chocolate in the center. No searching required. The height of the pastry and lamination are the best we have seen yet. The apricot-almond pastry was also excellent. My husband tried a chicken pastry (think chicken sausage roll) which he liked a lot. La Boulangerie serves breakfast and lunches on their beautiful outdoor patio as well.

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