July 2021 gARDEN

Here is a look at what is blooming in the garden this month. July is prime garden month where I live, as it is the one dependably having all frost-free nights (she whispers softly just in case the Frosties are listening). We have had high temperatures for an abnormally long stretch of days this year and very little rain.

The red lupins took the prize this year, as the blue ones were attacked by lupin aphids.

These bicolour ones put on a good show as well.
The salvia escaped the deer and rabbits this year.
The petunias are outpacing everything else in the pot, but you have to love anything that enthusiastic to grow.
I love these purple clustered bellflowers for 2-3 weeks every year, and then dislike them the rest of it as the plants get messy.

This corner has well recovered from the hail earlier in the month.

These portulaca always remind me of home.
Graceful irises
My beans are blooming purple! They seem to love growing in the barrel I have them in.
Dwarf Patio Cucumbers are starting to bloom.
And the king of summer plants…..


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