Mini Cheer

I haven’t done a “mini cheer” post in a long time! Here are some of the little things that have been making me smile in the last while.

Biscuit dough cinnamon rolls! Now there is a beautiful Friday night treat if every I saw one.

Clouds and sunrise – every day it is different, but this was a favourite for me.

Hawaiian coconut cake and passion fruit sauce. My husband and I went to a Blue Flame Kitchen demo where we got to eat all the demonstrated recipes! Woo!

This is one the new breed of rose fragrances that have been released in the past couple years, and it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

I have started decorating my weekly planner this year.  The standard “as is” version of the planner is above, and a decorated page is below. I approve! It is something fun and creative to do while relaxing on a Sunday evening.

Pierogi Day!  Two dear friends and I got together to visit and make 400 pierogies for our freezers. We made sauerkraut, potato/bacon/cheddar/onion, and blueberry dessert ones.


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