Vintage Chophouse and Tavern

My husband and I enjoyed dinner at the Vintage Chophouse in Calgary for our anniversary last week. To help us celebrate, they treated us to delicious sparkling wine. That was a fine start to an evening of really good service – the best I’ve had in years.

We ordered crab cakes to start, and I have to say, for not being at a coast, these were pretty good.

Vintage Chophouse provides a lot of choice as to what kind of steak you would like cooked (it comes out on a big wooden tray for your perusal), and each steak comes with a side that is enough for two people, so we had two sides to share with each other – scalloped potatoes and asparagus.

We even treated ourselves to dessert – cheesecake with a crust of carrot cake (what!?) drizzled with salted caramel, and a chocolate lava cake. Both of these were worth the calories!

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