Lavender Drier Sachets

A while back I bought some lavender-filled paper sachets for the drier. I am not a fan of drier sheets as they often provoke my asthma and I don’t find them necessary if I don’t over-dry my laundry. I do, however, enjoy the faint scent of natural lavender on my towels and sheets, and really liked the sachets. What I didn’t like was the price of the paper ones…so I decided to make my own at pennies a use. I filled some small drawstring bags with a tablespoon of lavender buds in each one. Not trusting the buds to stay in the bag with the drawstring closure, I sewed across the ribbon to make sure everything stays contained in the bags. They literally take under a minute to made each one and store nicely in a glass jar in the laundry room. I can use each one several time before the scent “gives out”. Nose cheer!

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