Bouquet Deconstructed 

There are a lot of styles of flower arranging, but one of my favourites is to pull a hand-tied bouquet apart. Destruction – hahaha. I like picking up a bunch of flowers at Costco and doing different things with the contents. Someone has already selected flowers that coordinate, but there is no room for a tall, large bouquet in the places I like to put flowers in our house. I also think that the display has more impact when the vessel is an equal partner in the arrangement – not just a clear jar of stems. Here is my latest effort with a bouquet of yellow and purples I bought.


I used a collection of bottles and vases to create a base of blue, and then just put interestingly shaped leaves in the vessels, along with a couple of flowers for a third colour. It adds some height and interest to the mantle. (Note that the cat has discovered the location of the pilot light in the gas fireplace, and carefully lines himself up with it for the most possible heat absorption!)

Kitchen counter space is too valuable to clutter with multiple vases, but I like the way the yellows look in this pale green pitcher.

A wee bunch of purple for the hallway.

“Leftover” stems for this bunch of flowers in the bathroom. It is a teaser for Easter with the purple and yellow.

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