Perogie Party

Yesterday I had two friends over to help break in my new kitchen. We made 42 dozen perogies! That is 504 of them, so they should last us quite a while! We made potato/cheese/onion, potato/cheese/bacon, sauerkraut/carrot, and cottage cheese/chive.

For lunch we enjoyed polish sausage, cabbage rolls and perogies. A very fine day between friends and lots of good food for our freezers!

For the recipe, check out an old post of mine called Varenyky.


  1. I absolutely LOVE perogies and tend to make them only once or twice a year. It drains me doing it on my own and half way through I always think “why did I start this?” lol. They’re definetly worth it though.

    Seeing these perogies motivate me to do another batch soon.

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