Everything Old is New Again

This was a 10 minute makeover for a beloved seat of mine. I inherited it from my grandma twenty years ago, along with a beautiful old dresser, but have been using it with a little desk I refinished as a teenager (my dad was fond of auctions). The roses did not seem right in that setting, so I recovered the seat in a grey and white fabric which works well. A scrap of fabric breathed new life into a favourite piece.


  1. Isn’t it amazing how the change to a new fabric changes the entire piece? I love it and I do this all the time in my shop. The first time I had two Victorian chairs upholstered in fabric of 2000…no one bought them. Now, I sell every great old chair made between 1890-1940 almost immediately. Your Waterfall desk looks like it could be used as a dressing table, too. Great pieces.

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    1. It was originally a dressing table, but the mirrored attachment was missing at the auction (35 years ago). I wanted it for a desk so my dad purchased it for $20 and supervised me while I sanded the old finish off and redid it. I remember being really proud of myself at the time, and still enjoy the price today 🌻. Thanks for your comments. I bet your shop is a delight.


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