Christmas Cards


Even with the ease of communication by email and texts, there are still a number of our friends across the country who do not communicate this way. With these folks, our annual Christmas card exchange is the only way we keep up with each other from year to year. I enjoy reading the newsy letters with updates on our friends’ parents, kids, employment, travel and adventures during the year. Also, there is something special about receiving letters in the mail, especially at Christmas.

I enjoy composing our Christmas letter too, and keep it to a single page of the year’s highlights as well as a photo of us. I have a file with a copy of each of the Christmas letters I have written since our first child was born. Preparing to write this year’s letter, I looked over what I sent last year and had the thought that our old letters might make a good scrapbook as they are basically the short version of our family history. I will see where I go with that…haha.

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