Geranium Cuttings

Before the snow hit, I took cuttings off the beautiful red geranium we have enjoyed all summer. If you have never done it before, it is quite simple.



Take cuttings below a growing point and trim off any extra leaves or flower buds. Cut on an angle as this will help the plant take up nutrients and give a good base to root from. Dip the stem in a root stimulating powder and insert it into a pot of potting soil. Water it sparingly, as you don’t want the root to rot, you want it to send out roots to search for water.


I brought in the original plant as well, so with any luck I will have a small fleet of them in the spring. For those wondering if the rooting powder is necessary, I suppose it is not, strictly speaking, but I strongly recommend using it as I have enjoyed much more success with it than without.


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