Tulip Triumph


My tulips have started blooming!  I know it is months after they have bloomed in other places, but spring is slower here.  The arrival of mature flowers is a victory for me given my previous experience with tulips.  A few years ago I gave up planting  them, admitting defeat to bulb-thieving squirrels, and blossom-nipping deer in our neighbourhood.   Mad, sad, bang my head. Last fall, I had the idea to plant some new tulip bulbs along the side of the house to use as cut flowers.  I hoped this area would be hidden from both deer and squirrels, and luck was on my side!   I bought Bastogne and Happy Generation bulbs, but a few purple tulips emerged as a surprise, like the prize in a box of cereal.  Take that, critters.

I was able to bring a bouquet inside and they are a bright addition to our kitchen. I love it when a plan finally comes together!


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