Personalize Your Space with Photos

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A great way to personalize the spaces you inhabit is to put up photos of places you have traveled to or that hold special meaning for you. It is an inexpensive way to surround yourself with memories and to decorate your home in a style that is authentically yours.  You can choose a particular place or theme for each room, or just choose groups of photographs that you think complement each other. 

If you like to change your artwork with the seasons, this is a very affordable way to change the feel of your environment without paying a lot for framing. I like to use gallery frames to save the expense of matting the photos.  The wall colour serves as the mat for all the photos, giving them a cohesive appearance, and making it easy to move photos to another room, change photo groupings, change wall paint colour etc. without having to re-mat or re-frame the photos.

The images above are mounted in my home office. (left to right, starting on the top row: Sand dunes, Prince Edward Island; dories in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; view from Diamond Head, Oahu; coastline of Cape Breton Island; rock formations at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia; and octopus trees, Oahu.) These were taken on separate vacations, but I like the way they look as a group on the orange wall.


Our family room in the basement has pale yellow walls to help keep the basement space light, and these colourful photos add interest to the “phone corner”. I am drawn to photos that have family members in them, though not looking at the camera.    (photos: Byodo-In Temple, Oahu; a grassy dip on Plateau Mountain, Alberta;  a view over Waterton Lakes, Alberta; and a shot of the red shores of Prince Edward Island.)

I have three new sets of vacation photos, so I am making my selections and pondering which spaces are calling for them!


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