Highland Games

Each year, the Foothills Highland Games are held within earshot of our house. We awake to the sound of bagpipes, and enjoy cannon fire at breakfast. I must admit it puts a smile on my face. When commitments allow, we walk over and peruse the tents, eat the food, watch the dancers and athletes, and more often than not, watch a bold sheep succeed in his run for freedom, dog in pursuit! It makes for a fine day.

highland games 2015 001

I love the tagline on this product: “We guarantee to make any bag airtight which is not actually burst.”


highland games 2015 008

The heavy events are tests of strength and power. The hammer throw, weight throw, weight over bar, the sheaf toss and of course, the caber toss. Great fun.


highland games 2015 017

highland games 2015 026

highland games 2015 028

highland games 2015 029


highland games 2015 039


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