Grain Bags


It seems an odd time of year to blog about grain bags, as it is hot outside, but I am making new covers for them now, so here we go. We use them instead of heating pads or water bottles to heat up the bed in winter, to soothe sore muscles, or to warm cold feet. Depending on the size of the bag, we heat them up in the microwave for about 3 minutes and then use them. If you make one, experiment with how much heat your bag needs based on its size and the strength of your microwave oven. Start low, check it and then add more heat if needed. You will soon have the right timing for your bag.

To make a small, square bag, fold a rectangle of fabric (about 12″x24″ ) in half. Fold in half, right sides together. Starting at the folded edge, sew almost all the way around, leaving 2″ to fill the bag. Repeat with a zigzag to keep it from fraying.

Turn the bag right side out, through the gap you have left in the stitching.

Use a funnel to pour about 4-5 cups of red wheat into the bag. You can add more if you want it firmer, but do not overfill.

This is a photo of a larger, rectangular bag I made at the same time, which holds about 8 cups of grain. I like to leave the top third of the bag empty when I stand it up, so that the grain has room to shift to accommodate body parts. Securely sew up the gap when you have filled the bag. Voila. Grain bag love for anything achy or cold.





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