Teapot Quest

I love a good quest. A nice, long search for something not immediately needed; taking my time to find something extra special that I will be cheered by for many years to come. My quest to locate The Sofa for our living room took two years, but I have not had a minute of regret in my final choice. I still love it.

Currently, I am in search of the perfect teapot for one or two. We have a lovely, large pottery one we got for our wedding which is great for large groups, but something lighter and smaller would be better for just us. I love cobalt blue, red, and yellow, so of course I am drawn to pots with those hues, but one is allowed a certain amount of quirkiness where teapots are concerned, so there is huge scope of possibility.

I also admit to having a repressed urge to collect teapots (I already have a chicken collection, so this might be pushing it for kitchen displays, though I have been wondering what to put in the nook…hmmm) so I am trying to find “The One” rather than fall into, “ooh, that is nice, and so is that, and that…”. I am thinking it does not need to have a compartment for loose tea, as we are using bags these days, and I can always use the tea ball if necessary. Something that does not drip would be nice, though that is difficult to spot by sight alone. Other requirements: not heavy, with a comfortable handle.

Here are some that caught my eye:

Waechtersbach Fun Factory II Royal Blue Teapot, 28-Ounce

Blue Teapot from Amazon.ca

Cornish Blue Betty Teapot


Yellow Fox Run Teapot
Chickadee teapot, Global Design Connections by Kate Williams
Or how about going full-out British and pay homage to a nation that is serious about teatime.


I can’t make up my mind, but that means I haven’t found “The One” yet. The quest continues! What does your favourite teapot look like?


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