Strolling in North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park
North Glenmore Park

I have been finding myself in Calgary quite a lot this last month, between visiting garden centres and my elder daughter, the road is becoming well travelled. Last Saturday, I found myself with 7 hours to explore the city while my younger daughter took a class. I confess a solo excursion to the matinee showing of X-Men: Days of Future Past was first on my list. Oh yes, I liked that. And the poutine lunch…

I decided a visit to North Glenmore Park might be the ticket for a little walking and watching. Here are some of the sights from my walk. Since I brought my book, this was not a bad place to sit and read!



This is a nice view of the reservoir side of Heritage Park. I love seeing the grain elevator. There are so few remaining on the prairie landscape.



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