Waiting in Calgary

Last week I was summoned to Calgary for a jury selection. Fortunately, the jury was filled without me being needed (whew), and I found the process to be quite interesting. Much different than what we see on tv. Once finished, I had some hours to spend before my husband was finished work and we could leave Calgary. Shopping plazas with shiny spaces and lots of flourescent lights do me in, and it was pretty cold outside, so I found alternatives!

My husband goes to a little shop called Mazaj once a week and raves about their shawarma. In fact, they know him by name and have his order memorized. He surprised them by coming in on “the wrong day!” and with a wife besides. I had to laugh. Naturally, I had to try his “usual” – chicken shawarma. The wraps were very different from what I have had before, and I have to say I am a fan. The chicken had nice flavouring and the toppings were tasty as well. Time and calories well spent!

After lunch, I looked for a good place to sit and read Alan Doyle’s new book A Newfoundlander in Canada, which describes his early days after forming the band Great Big Sea. His first book (Where I Belong) covered his early years growing up in Newfoundland and I enjoyed his easy style as a storyteller. I’m about half way through this second one and I am enjoying it every bit as much. I settled in at a table in the Devonian Gardens, basically across the road from Mazaj on 7th Avenue. It is a nice, green, fresh-smelling environment in the middle of the city. Perfect place to read.

After that, it was an hour or so of walking outide, a browse through a card shop, and a cozy seat in a coffee bar to meet up at. Not bad at all for a “waiting day”…


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