Christmas Nibbles

When it comes to Christmas treats, I do bake a lot of them myself, but there are other things we enjoy as well. This year, I came across a local (Okotoks) chocolate maker that I highly recommend – Obsession Handmade Chocolates. Here is the link to their website.

Moving on from there, another seasonal favourite of mine is stollen – with the marzipan centre! I was gifted some in November and it was enjoyed thoroughly.

A recent favourite: Weiss chocolate-covered-gingerbread with apricot filling.

Darvilles Tea, which I have mentioned before.

And last, but not least, Saltwest garlic/onion salt to flavour all the hearty roasts and stews we eat in winter.

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  1. Stolen nibbles? 😮 Christstollen is one of my dad’s ultimate favourite Christmas cakes and I bake it for him every year. I never thought about making it in mini-nibble version, but it could be a great idea!

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