Fall Garden and First Snow

The photo above is our garden yesterday when it was 0 degrees C. It is supposed to snow for three days. Technically, this is still late summer, but I have come to the conclusion that defined seasons are for people who live elsewhere. The only thing that can be counted on to change with the calendar is the amount of daylight we receive. Once a person accepts this, it is easier to just roll with it. Check out the very good spoof of an Environment Canada Weather Forecast at the end of the post.

The photos below are of our garden two days earlier when it was still 25 degrees C. It is a good thing we picked so much. So, cheers everyone. I declare it Apple Pie Season.


fall garden5

fall garden2

fall garden7

apple pie</

fall garden

fall garden3

fall garden8



    1. I was hoping that too. It has snowed a lot more since. I have to shake my trees to try to save the branches due to the weight on the leaves. So far I still have power, but many don’t. It is a test run to see if we are ready for winter yet ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. It is not unusual to get a skiff of snow in September, but not enough to down trees and power lines in a three day storm. That is rare. We have had such a fantastically warm summer that the leaves have not even started to turn colour yet (that usually starts in August). We are supposed to hit 20 degrees C again by the end of the week. Nutty. I’ll just keep my boots beside my sandals!


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