Bunburry Mysteries

In the summer, I particularly enjoy a short British cozy crime that I can listen to on audible when tending the garden, or read with a glass of lemonade while tucked up in a garden lounge chair. My favourite this year is the Bunburry mystery series by Helena Marchmont. I bought the first three books as a bundle, and by the time I finished them, I couldn’t wait for more of Alfie McAlister and his two sleuthing partners, Marge and Liz (friends of his late elderly aunt) in the anything-but-sleepy Cotswold village of Bunburry. They form the crime solving “Bunburry Triangle” assisting the police while enjoying village life. By this point in the series (book 11), I feel like I know the whole village! I am having to pace myself now as I am nearing the end of the published ones and will soon have to wait for the next release. If you are looking for a cozy summer read, I recommend this series.

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