June Garden

I usually do a monthly “what’s blooming in the garden this month” blog. I missed May but here is the June summary. Lots is blooming and the deer have eaten someone else’s garden this year….I really shouldn’t tempt fate on that one… June was a really rainy month here, but everything is wonderfully green and healthy-looking.

We also have a little family of robins using the undergrowth as a nursery. They are fun to watch. The parents have been liked winged “Skip the Dishes” delivery service all day long for a couple weeks. We saw this week, though, that the fledglings are starting to forage on their own, and not accosting their parents every time they fly into the yard.

My veggie pots have been doing well this year – my peas are almost blooming as well. My tomatoes look good – I pinched them all back again so hopefully we start to get tomatoes where the blooms are.

And you can’t have summer without flowers πŸ™‚

Happy gardening folks!


  1. Everything looks gushing and thriving!! I love your robin family. And beautiful colours 😁😁

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