Yoyo Seasons

We do have very changeable weather here. Here are some photos from before the weekend. My tomatoes were doing well, but I picked them due to a frost warning.

It was fortunate that I did pick everything (and brought flowers in that I want to overwinter) because by Sunday afternoon this was the view.

We are meant to get another 10 cm or so before it is over and then return to 13C weather by midweek!


    1. Thank you! I mix earthworm castings and powdered milk in with potting soil when I plant them. I don’t add any fertilizer the rest of the season. I had to laugh at your growing houseplant dilemma. That happens almost every season here 🙂


  1. Ok. I’m in Massachusetts and it’s getting cooler but not snowy yet. My garden is still standing but not for long. It was my first year of gardening. I harvested eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. And I’m already sad because the season is almost over. Too bad! Take care!

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