Grasslands National Park

Last, but not least on our holiday, was a visit to Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan. It is a preserved section of short grass prairie, like the area I grew up in.  Grasslands is a bit special, however, as many species that were extinct in the area have been reintroduced. The largest of these is the bison. I have to say, looking out over a herd of bison gave me a thrill! We had seen another herd travelling near Cypress Hills, but this one was large, with males, females and young.  We even found the red Parks Canada Chairs (a pair is hidden in several national parks to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday). Sitting in the chairs overlooking prairie and bison, under the blue prairie sky, well, it was a pretty good day 🙂

Yes, we can see you coming a long ways off. This is why my husband calls me a flatlander.

The herd in the distance…

You can just spot the chairs on top of the hill.

And the bison down below.

A couple ventured off on their own, along the creek.

Sneaking up on the chairs…

Another of the re-introduced species – the Black-tailed Prairie Dog. We didn’t see a Swift Fox, which is on my bucket list, but someday…




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