Deck and Patio Reno

Last week, renovation on our deck and patio was completed just in time for the long weekend! I also finished planting my containers, so everything is looking good for spring. It will be even better when the plants start to fill out the pots.

Below is a photo of the deck before. Treated slats were ok to walk on, but allowed rain to drain through onto the “covered” patio below.

We replaced the boards with plywood and Flexstone. I think it looks a lot better, and keeps the patio dry below.

It is nicely sloped, so water flows away from the house and off the end. We have had a couple test runs on this and it works great.

The stairs were also not properly anchored in cement, so that needed to be repaired as well.

The next two photos are of the patio below.

The previous owners had never finished the space with soffits or fascia, so we wanted to address that as well.

Here are the “work inspectors” on lunch….

I like the look of the cedar, and as a bonus, having it covered in will deter “those who like to nest” from taking up residence above us.


Cozy and enclosed on three sides. I even put out our cushy seating now that it won’t get drizzled on.
We have been enjoying the space to sit and read, visit, have a cuppa, or write blogs!

I’m ready for summer!


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