Shopping and Eats, Victoria, BC

I enjoyed our visit to Victoria so much that I had to do one last blog of some of the places we would return to.

I like a good hat, and came across this shop on Government Road – Roberta’s Hats.  In case you were wondering, I bought two…

Although Russell Books is the  multi-story warren of books listed on tourism websites (and I admit it has its own charm), I preferred the open space, light and architecture of Monroe’s Books. It was easy to find what I wanted, and then I just wandered around, enjoying 🙂


Bon Macaron has the best flavours of macarons I have ever tasted. So good! The pineapple-mango was so fresh and tangy. Good thing I don’t live too close…


On our last night in Victoria, we relished dinner at the The Flying Otter, overlooking the harbour, and the float planes landing.

Chili-Lime Shrimp. I could eat these every day…


Spinnaker’s is a pub with a nice deck overlooking the harbour. Great view and food. Really good cider brewed on site.

That wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed the armchair visit of Victoria’s gems.


  1. Loved seeing your pictures of Victoria. We visited there this past summer. What a wonderful and delightful place. I look forward to returning. I live in the Arizona desert, so it is a very different and refreshing change!!

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