Movie Night

As get-togethers go, it doesn’t get much simpler than hosting a movie night. I organized one on Friday night and the 26 of us had a great time!

In my view of the world, the snack array is as important as the choice of the film. 😉 We had several different flavours of popcorn, pop, soft German pretzels with mustard, peanut M&M’s, and some gummy candies. It doesn’t hurt if you throw in a couple foods related to the movie to see who is paying attention… We watched the movie “Luther”, hence the German pretzels. Less obvious, but more amusing to me, was the gummy worm connection (The Diet of Worms, 1521). Haha. I cannot resist a such an easy pun.

I’d be interested in hearing about some of your movie night ideas. Regale me with your tales!

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