Tea Calendar 

One of the most lovely things I received for Christmas was this tea calendar. Produced by David’s Tea, there are twenty four different types of tea to enjoy. There is enough of each type for two mugs, so that is 48 cups of tea to look forward to .


Undoubtedly designed as an advent calendar, I think it is even better as a January treat. There is no rush to get through it, and I can pick and choose based on which flavour I fancy in the moment instead of by number.


The first one I opened was coconut and the aroma was outstanding. I nearly swooned! It is a pleasure to just sit and sniff my way through a row to choose my next flavour!


The packaging is beautifully made as well, (a book filled with drawers containing metal rounds of tea) and it is like opening a little present each time I open a drawer. I am 6 flavours in and my favourite so far is Chocolate Covered Almond. Happy sigh.



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